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Current students: 

Cost: $2 per official transcript. One final transcript is free. During the school year transcripts should be paid for via MyPaymentsPlus. If unable to use MyPaymentsPlus, please contact your counselor. During the summer, please call (678) 594-8190 to request a transcript.


UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS: FREE. Students may stop by the counseling office and request one.

OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS: $2 per transcript. For college applications, this is a 2 step process. If a counselor's letter of recommendation or school report needs to be completed, you must also submit a Student Profile Sheet to your counselor.

  1. All students: Request via MyPaymentsPlus

  2. SENIORS: if the transcript is for a college application, you must also need to add the request in Naviance. Click HERE for instructions.

Do not forget to submit necessary recommendation forms to your counselor for colleges (or scholarships) that require a counselor rec or school report. If you require a recommendation or school report, you must complete a Student Profile Sheet.

  • A minimum of 2 school weeks is required for recommendations. Teachers may require requests to be submitted with more advance notice.

  • It is the student's responsibility to make sure all application requirements have been completed by the deadline.

If you graduated two or more years ago and need a transcript, please CLICK HERE to request one. 

Class of 2021, please contact

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